Yolk sac on the outside not aborbing

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Nov 22, 2013
One of my chickens was sitting on a bunch of eggs and since they were staggered in hatching she lost interest in sitting on the rest after the first one hatched the other day. Yesterday I bought an incubator to try to hatch them myself. 3 have hatched, the last one did overnight and has a very large unabsorbed sac. I really don't feel that it's going to absorb and think that it needs to come off before it steps on it and rips it. I've had her separated and warm in a small box for most of the day and I think if I don't do something she's gonna die. What is the best method of clamping it off, string? I figure I'll clamp it and let it be for a couple hours before cutting it off.

Thanks for any advice!
I would try to leave it for a couple of days to see if it does absorb it. If it dosnt it will most likely dry up and drop off. I think it's a little early from hatching to be thinking about clamping and cutting it off keeping it clean and dry is the best option and is what I would do. Cutting even after clamping is very risky as you just can't be sure that the blood vessels are fully cut off. The other thing I would just keep an eye out for is mushy chick disease (yolk sac infection) wishing you the very best of luck with your chick. https://www.backyardchickens.com/a/mushy-chick-disease-yolk-sack-infection-omphalitis
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I had a chick that way this spring. Do not try to cut the yolk off until it is completely dried. I used an antiseptic spray on it twice a day to prevent infection. I did keep it separate from the others for a few days. The yolk did dry up and I was able to cut a little of it off as it dried. It left a scab which took a week or two to disappear. But the pullet is now 5 months old and checking out the nest boxes every day. Fresh eggs soon!
I went ahead and left it to dry up on it's own. I was able to trim off a good portion of it but theres still a stub there. About how long does it usually take to fall all the way off? I tried putting it with the other babies, but I think they'll peck it to death so I'll wait until the stub is gone. Until then though it's so lonely, I feel bad, so the sooner it falls off the better. It's gonna drive me crazy with it's chirping. It cries until I pick it up and hold it close. We've been watching a lot of TV together, lol
It may take another week for most of the scab to be gone. How about trying one or two others with it if it isn't completely dried. Do you have a mirror in with it? That usually helps a baby that is lonely. A feather duster hanging where it can get under it helps a lot!

It's been quite a while since I had my chick with the yolk problem but I think when the yolk was completely dried up I put it with the others even tho it still had a scab. None of the other chicks bothered it. They usually only peck at something red. But check on it often when you put it with any others. If you have any anti-pick lotion or any kind of salve you could apply that to the scab first just to make sure.
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