You know you live on a farm when:


9 Years
Jul 20, 2010
Half Way, Missouri
In my fridge:

4 gallons of Cow Colostrum for the 2 new baby calves born Wednesday

A multitude of syringes and various meds

1 gallon jug of save-a-chic

On My KITCHEN counter:
2 buckets, 3 calf bottles, a wire whisk designated for milk replacer, a funnel designated for milk replacer- all washed/bleached and ready to go for this evening.

Next to the counter- a rubbermaid container full of powder milk replacer for the calf that is 1 1/2 weeks old...

and I just yelled at my 4 year old: "Get the chicken off the backporch and shut the door! I don't want chickens in my house again!"


Oh and I have 2 scrap buckets on the counter- one for the chickens and one for the bunnies!!
When you have to go through a checklist 3 times a day to make sure everyone was fed.... Then your stomach growls because you were so busy feeding all the cows, chickens, dogs, cats and pigs that you forgot to stop and eat yourself. My hair has been suffering since I got all these animals. The kittens try to take care of it for me but they only know how to comb, not style

Did I mention the fact that I am now immune to the smell of litter box and chick poo but my mother IS NOT:lau Poor woman will kill me before these guys all grow up.
"Don't you dare get in the good truck with those boots!"

remember my cousins getting yelled at a lot.

"Don't swing on the ropes in the hayloft!!!" - did we ever listen? That was the BEST thing ever. However, they were like 100 years old and holding up the monstrous hay claw thingie overhead.
My mom won't come in my house because "It is just too messy" Yes there are clothes piled on the couch 4/7 days a week and the living room is contantly covered with toy trucks and tractors... results of a 4 yr old boy and a 2 yr old girl... and trying to take care of over 100 chickens and about 24 bunnies...and baby calves...and a kitten. lol! Don't forget to mention I have been busy canning too. My mother thinks I should just clean and cook and that is it. She was raised on a dairy farm and had to milk in the mornings but her dad took care of everything else. Her mom never did anything with the farm. Maybe that is where she gets it I don't know.
I am often saying "Don't jump/climb/ OR Swing on the gate!!"

oh and another one... we name our animals that we eat too... so if you ask what is for supper and I reply T-Bone that doesn't mean a t-bone steak nesscearily. T-Bone was the name of the steer we butchered so you might be surprised to have tacos!
a play pen! What a great idea! lol Been there done that though. Nothing like getting up every hour during an ice storm checking on the heifer that is due any minute and go out to find she had the calf in the middle of the field and left it! Bring it in the house at 4am, talk the quilt off the bed and lay down for the calf- get the hair dryers out.. (I don't even use a hair dryer and we have 2! lol)

Also remember having piglets in the house when I was younger...
That has got to be the sweetest thing I have ever seen
I don't have enough space for a cow
The most (un)common thing you hear at my house "I wonder why no one has come up with a dog treat made of chicken/duck/cat/guinea pig/yet to be bought animal poop yet?"

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