You know you love your birds


Free Ranging
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Feb 14, 2016
*It’s ok, she can’t see me.*

*Yeh, I can still make it to the road.*

*Dangit, she’s using her chicken-mom voice. I better go back.*

And now we know why the chicken didn’t cross the road. :D
I love the additional Clarabelle thoughts!!! I bet that is exactly what she was thinking!!


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Apr 12, 2020
East Central Illinois (Urbana, IL)
So nice to know I'm not alone! I was not on board to get the chickens last spring but here I am now. I talk to them, ask how their day is going. I ask if they are enjoying the sunshine. I thank them for their eggs. I check and count them nearly every hour. I see items in the grocery store and get it for the chickens. I give them treats everytime I go outside. If I happen to go out multiple times in a row I apologise that they are not getting more while explaining that it is not healthy for too many. I dig up worms, turn over rocks, move my planters around so they can get the bugs hiding underneath. My family thinks I'm absolutely nuts!! Hahaha But most of all I love them! And I love that they get me outside more to just sit and enjoy that moment.
I'm not a huge fan of having to get up early on mornings I could sleep in, but once I get out and hear them talk back to me and act so happy to get out to free range it makes it worth it. But don't tell my hubs, I like to let him think I am graciously doing it because he got the chickens. Hahaha

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