you might be a feather neck if _ _ _ _


9 Years
Oct 6, 2010
westville ok
lets see how manny feather neck line we can come up with i will start

you might be a feather neck if --- all the pics on your cell phone are of chickens

---if you can't sleep the night before a auction for fear that by closeing your eyes you will miss a good deal

---if you cackle when you are happy

---if you tell yor friends good nite it is time to roost

here are some feather neck words
FEEDANGATHER--it is time to feedangather the eggs

TABELBATOR--is when your coffe tabel is also your bator

GETERLITTER--my granmother needs me to go to the hen house and geterlitter

let see how manny more we can come up with
if you use your wii to get onto BYC like i am.
you might be a feather neck if --- when looking to buy a new truck the first thing you cheack is to make fer shure there in enufe room to hold all you cages

feaqther neck word of the day-- BETTERGETEM-- my wife saw some birds at the auction and she said hun you bettergetem

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