You think YOU had a bad year.

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    A man I work with has had a really bad year.

    January - sump pump quit, MAJOR basement damage ... and ccccccccoooooolllddd !!!! in the fixing of it all!

    Then his grandpa died, and his grandma has been in the nursing home ever since. She has fallen and been in and out of the hospital. MAJOR family issues with an aunt who is trying to wrap up all the money that's still around.

    Mother in law had massive stroke and died - only 64 - totally unexpected.

    Out of the blue, his otherwise healthy 14 year old had a seizure at school .... they still don't know what caused it or if it will ever happen again.

    So now we're all thinking, man, it's a good thing this year is almost over. This guy will be so glad to just slam the door on this one!

    Last week he got a call at work ... I hear his side of the conversation:

    "Why ... now? What for? ARE YOU kidding ME?!!!"

    We all work evening shift and apparently his wife had gone out for the evening with some church friends. Their 14 year old wanted to shoot hoops (in 20 degree weather - idiot kids!) but the pickup was in the driveway. He decided to move it ... had the truck in the wrong gear .... drove it clear through their family room wall !!!

    I was dumbfounded .. couldn't help but laugh ... how much more could go wrong for this guy!

    Needless to say - we DON'T say - surely it can't get much worse. Soon as anybody says it - it does. But I hope the sharing of these woes will make someone else's seem a bit lighter!

    Happy Holidays everyone!

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  3. b.hromada

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    Yes Red Hen, I agree. [​IMG] Lets just hope for better days to come. [​IMG]
  4. babylady4

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    Mar 30, 2009
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    WOW..... all I can say is wow.........

    My DD has Epilepsy; completely controlled. Could have been a stress thing or hormones....
  5. Emzyyy

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    geez we should all send him christmas cards wishing him a better year. [​IMG]
  6. KinderKorner

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    Trust me. It does get worse. [​IMG] I have experienced this for a fact. Poor guy.
  7. annie3001

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    one word says it all:


    poor guy! [​IMG]
  8. bargain

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    [​IMG] And look how humor is our blessing....At least I consider my blessing....That amidst all the difficulties and challenges, we shall continue to persevere....With a smile - albeit it weak or a laugh ....sometimes small.....This man must have the faith of Job...How wonderful.

    I was thinking of my Dad this morning and how he would have loved our humble little farm as I'm "feeding in the rain Although he's been gone a decade now, I was lost in nostalgia. Well it's a bid sloppy and I wasn't looking up and.......... while feeding the critters a big bucket of cleaned out bunny pooh mixed with todays rain and yesterday's rain, you get the idea, fell over on me.... Dummy here moved it yesterday and planned to move it again....sat in on a chair, Went under the chair to get a lid for the feed to save it from the rain and capowy......I guess this means that before church, I do need a bath.....MMMM must run out again....I immediately though of my Dad and how he would have laughed so much had he seen this....

    I know Church says just "come as your are"....But I don't think my folks want to smell me coming in the door!!!! I have walked in with a chicken feather on my sweater before but this is ridiculous.....

    Well, must run back out! Wonder what fun I find next [​IMG]
  9. tonini3059

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    Nov 6, 2008
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    That does suck..but it could be worse!

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