Young Americanas not laying anymore! Help!

I got these two Americanas as pullets and they started laying eggs just like all the others. and they laid for several months all the way through winter and now they have stopped laying, and I thought maybe it was just a break or something, for a week. but then its gone on for at least a month! not one egg! I have tep, and at first one was laying and the other wasnt, now neither are...

they wernt the healthiest when i got them they both had colds within the first week of coming home. they are at the bottom of the pecking order, but i try to make sure they both get food. I ahve 7 hens total. all others seem to be laying. they appear to be healthy now, they run around, scratch in the grass and take dust baths. they LOVE to lay out in the sun! its the cutest thing.

both have perky tail feathers and seem to be healthy.

so what should I do?
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