young birds gasping for breath

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  1. bookworm

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    Jun 22, 2008
    Hi, I'm new to the forum, but hope you can help. I have Nankins who hatched about 6-8 weeks ago. I have noticed some of them sitting hunched up and perioically appearing to gasp for breath. A day or two later they are dead, or better to the point that I can't tell who was sick. Any suggestions/treatments? About a month ago one of the adult birds (rooster) exhibited some of the same symptoms including getting too hoarse to crow properly. I seperated him and in a few days he was fine and continues to be so.
    Thanks for any help
  2. cajunlizz

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    Apr 27, 2008
    Lafayette, Louisiana
    Quote:Sounds like respitory problems from HEAT .

    How many do you have ? Do you have them in a well ventilated coop and run ?
  3. bookworm

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    Jun 22, 2008
    Yes, they are in an 8x8 with two large open windows with an attatched 8x8 run. they are also allowed freerange for most of the day, so I don't think it is heat related.

  4. sammi

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    Dec 21, 2007
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    what bedding are you using?
    is it warm enough at night?

    could they have been exposed to any dusts or molds?
    (including feed that might have got wet and turned sour)

    could they be eating anything that's getting caught in the throats or crops?
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  5. SpeckledHills

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    May 25, 2008
    I can only recommend the standard trying some kind of antibiotic such as Aeromycin or Terramycin powder from the feed store.
    Oh, yes--I have also put a little Vicks Vapor-Rub around the wattles or comb before to help keep sinuses clear when I could tell from sneezing and head-shaking that chickens were getting clogged sinuses.
  6. bigmike&nan

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    Quote:Ditto on the antibiotics: we had a harsh heat spell about 4 weeks ago - we went out in the early morning and found our Bantam Cochin Rooster Anthony was gasping for breath. We lined a pet carrier with a soft towel and put him in our cool cellar for the day. In the evening when it got cooler we brought him up to hang out with the ladies, then let him sleep in the cellar again. The next morning we got up early and put him outside and he crowed his ass off !! LOL

    The antibiotics took about a week to really really work. You can see their combs get a nice bright red and you know they're feeling better. We give them trays of cold water, cold watermelon chunks and other cold foods when it's real hot. THEY LOVE THE COLD WATERMELON !!

    Good luck...

  7. dlhunicorn

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    Jan 11, 2007
    Did you use med starter?
    If it is hot where you are and they are panting then you ned to put electroytes/vit in their waterer (you can get this at your feed store)

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