Young chick with swollen face.

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    Oct 7, 2014
    Hello everyone and good evening!

    I have a 3 weeks and 3 days old chik who`s sick.

    As far as I know, swollen face, in one side isnt Coccidioisis symptom.

    I had bought earlier a antibiotics for respiratory viruses and bronchitis, which clears what needs to be cleared inside chick, so
    This is the only thing I can give him now, cause trying to get something else will be to much effort this time and money spent.

    Chick is Andalusian Blue chicken, bought from incubated chick seller 12 chicks, know - I said it `right`, 2 died, one is with wet eye,
    and now this one, Im ready to put them to sleep, but before I wanna try if mine antibiotics work for them.

    I give them fresh water with vitamins, first 2 weeks I gave piglet starter, afterwards till today I give chicken starter food without genetic modification.

    Chicks live with hen mother, in cage with sea sands, which I clean then and now.

    Should better in future think about letting forange, but this time it was how it was.

    Thanks for time and for some Ideas if they gonna come.

    From now, after a hour im going to give him, and second one with wet eye, can see around eye that its wet. And will let them stay with others chicks with mother.
  2. GhettoRoo

    GhettoRoo Chillin' With My Peeps

    Oct 7, 2014
    Some wierd thing I had bought, hope its works like ginseng root. Its for Calves and piglets, but Im gonna give it to my little feathered piglets with beaks.

    linseed meal, plantain, timian, peppermint, liquorice root, glucose

    organoleptic- 2b
    eucalyptus oil, menthol oil.

    C VITAMIN E300
    crude protein 15 %
    Crude fiber 11,6%
    Crude oils and oils 2,37%
    ash 8,80%
    Lyzin 0,18%

    Its for respiratory diseases, coughing, Bronchitis, for pneimony.
    antifebrile, antimicrobial, lessen bacterias and virus spreading in tract, widen bronchs and bronchias, contribute chainges in lungs, clear respitory tract un lessen micro-organisms count in it.

    This miracle will work at least on my coughing hens, sneezing?

    I have 50 laying hens, 8 roosters, and around 30 chickens, 3 weeks old, 4 weeks, and 5 weeks.

    All is pretty good, mby few hens need some help, dont judge my work ethic by my bad language. Thanks.

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