young chicken attacked by older ones. need help!

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    Introducing 8 week old chicken with full grown = fight?i have a 8 week old young rooster that i had incubated myself. it was my first time trying this and i did 3 test eggs and one hatched. i have been slowly introducing it into the flock for an hour or two about every other day. and of course they would have a little pecking but no damage. So i decided to introduce him at night and left him there to live with the flock. He has been in there for 3 days and when i went to check on him today, one of the chickens had attacked him. they plucked his feathers around his left side wing, and had broken skin on the joint of his wing. He still acts normal, and doesnt seem too affected by it except that it was hiding from the others. i have isolated it, in hopes that it will heal better this way. any suggestions on what i could do to help it heal? my main concern is that the flys will lay eggs on him and when they hatch they will kill him. (happened to a family pet duck several years ago) Plan so far is that i will apply some neosporin or vasoline to help keep the wound covered. any ideas or suggestions greatly appreciated! I Would hate to have my first hatched chick die from a fellow chicken attack.

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    I had this same problem 2 weeks ago but my chicks were younger. The "Mother Hen" would peck them, broke the skin and harass the chicks all day long. So I separated the babies from the rest of the flock.

    What I did was i put the babies in an (old metal bar) dog kennel and I set it next to the chicken pen. I left them there for most of the day and then put them together for a couple of hours a day. Within a couple of days they were not so aggressive towards the chicks. Do the older hens still harass the chicks? Yes. However it is not as bad as it was and several times during the day I see them all in the same area WITHOUT hurting someone lol.

    Hope that helps!
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    Clean it off and put neosporin on it a couple of times a day. Chickens can heal pretty quickly.

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