Young Cockerel Playing Possum???

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    I have a young cockerel (d'Anvers) that has always been odd. Stays away from the flock, when roosting faces the opposite way from the others, when handled freaks uncontrollably and plays dead when released. Very poor or slow feathering also. Eats and drinks well but really odd behavior. I had him in a crate to bring him to the swap this morning and he was so bad and stressing the other birds that I had to put him back in my coop!

    Anyone ever deal with this type of behavior? He's had a stellar life and always in an extra large run with a comfy coop. Only 9 in that coop and pleanty large enough for at least five more.


    ETA: None of the others have NEVER picked on him, as a matter of fact they steer clear because he is off the wall and runs around like he is running for his life! He acts as though he is on drugs and paranoid.
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    Picture showing closeup of eyes?
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    I'm lucky, all of my boys have been good. I have one boy that loves me and chases the others away from me if they get to close and then comes over and dances for me and picks things up off of the ground and brings them over to me and drops them in front of me. [​IMG]

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