Young ducks fighting over young drake?


Sep 25, 2015
I have had hens fight over boys several times,but recently stopped once I accidentally added an extra drake.

I noticed that our 4 new Ancona ducks have been bickering a few times.This one Duckling who has now successfully caught up to the other has been bickering with other 2 hens,this one has been a scared and aggressive duck ever since he was little (as far as we know,they were about 1 month old maybe or a lil older.).They are about 3 months old (Maybe.)They all quack.As far as I know,They are not laying,BUT must be very close because the drakes are being selfish.Our oldest drake has even started raping them.

They do quack,accept for one.He has this gosling/raspy type sound which makes me think it's a boy getting it's voice.Also the girls SURROUND themselves around him,but no mating yet.He puts his head high and puffs up sorta when they start I guess "Flirting" with him almost like the grown ducks do?He only seems to care for"One" hen,which she is the oldest of the group.Maybe that's what cause the drama between the 3 girls?No serious pinching,but they do smack their bills at eachother maybe a little peck here and their,then things are over.BUT,I did witness the not much youngest one STICK her bill inside the others one mouth!

Any ideas on why they are fighting?

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