Young guinea fowl broken wing

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    Aug 19, 2016
    Need advice please, I have a young guinea about 5 weeks old, got behind a board on a fence and my small dog tried pulling it through the fence. Pretty sure the wing is broken. got it cleaned up and put neosprin on the wounds. My dog pulled out quite a few feathers, so there was quite a bit of bleeding. My question is how often should I change the dressing? I have it wrapped up against the body, left the other wing loose but trimmed it some. When I do change the dressing if there is dried blood do I need to pull it off, I don't want it to start bleeding again. The bleeding stopped over night after I bound it, and did a body sleeve over both wings just to keep it calm over night. Then this morning, no new blood, nothing soaked through, so I left the steri-pad in place with some more Neosporin, then just wrapped the injured wing to it's body. Started duramycin water immediately, just in case. It has been eating and drinking great and is still feisty. Also keeping bedding clean about every couple hours I switch it out. Is there anything else I should do? My main thing is the dressing and cleaning it? Please advise, Thank you also, would silver sulfadiazine cream be good to use?

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