young hen, but its fighting w/cockerel? looks like 2 genders?what?help


8 Years
Jun 1, 2011
Newport, Wales, UK.
hey its brandon,
im confused!
will a silkie hen chest-bump/fight with a silkie cockerel??
i think s/hes a hen, pompom crest, a lot of saddle feathers covering the tail feathering (which is short and neat), making hen sounds, but she has longer legs than the other hens has a bigger body shape, alike the cockerels, but she holds herself like a hen,
and now ive found 'her' chest bump fighting a cockerel??!!?!?!?! somebody please help!
thanks in advance..

not a very good pic, makes its crest look less pompom ish


with the hens


with a slightly older drake

sorry that the pics are not good for what you are trying to do, but its pouring down with rain, hail-stoning and thundering!
will try and get some better ones tommorow
We have an older hen that bosses around our young roo all the time. She chases him away from food, if he is doing his thing, she comes running over and scares him away. I feel that it is entirely possible for a poullet to chest bump a cockeral.
It seems like all of my hens have no problem about bossing around the young roos. And one Hen that even tells Zues where to step off. LOL But she is Huge and not very femine either, Zues has learned if Miss Dumplin doesnt want to be bothered with him to just walk away otherwise the fight is on. And He is a lover not a fighter.

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