Young Polish... Barring or silver laced? (pics)


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Feb 7, 2009
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So i hatched this pretty/handsome baby out a few months ago. It's grown so much, and is so cool looking. I've never had a silver laced baby so im unsure of what it should look like. This baby could have had 2 daddies. One being a silver laced rooster, or my ST barred cochin. So i'm not sure which that it is. Help me, i have an untrained eye....


With the mother having been laced, better lacing would be expected if the father was also laced.
I'd forgotten, I think Polish are ER aren't they? Perhaps that is barring on some of the wing feathers???
Laced birds in their first set of feathers look a total mess! When they start to get adult feathers, they are properly laced.....


Notice the lower feathers are still splotchy but the neck and head feathers are starting to come in with the proper lacing pattern.
oh!!!!! ok! well that would be fantastic. my SL polish was coyote bait, so if this is his offspring (and a roo) i would be soooo happy!

thanks for that picture!!!!
Oh, and does the baby have feathered legs? I would guess that if the dad was a cochin there would be some leg feathering. I could be totally wrong, but isn't leg feathering dominant?
He doesnt have feathered feet. I dont know if its dominant? Seems like ive hatched babies from the cochin with no feather legs... hmm

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