Young Pullet Egg Or Fairy Egg


5 Years
Jul 12, 2017
Ok, so I got this tiny, tiny egg today.

Two of the chicks hatched from a Polish mix blue green egg. They are mutts of mutts basically. But today I got this tiny, tiny egg. My polish mix had given me an egg today already and she's the only one that lays this color and size. So my young ones are only 11.5 -12 weeks old. Hatched June 9th.

So can a 12 week old pullet lay an egg?

Top egg is from an Easter egger I have. Middle one is from my polish/EE mix. Tiny one is the mystery. Did my Polish/EE mix give me two today with one a fairy egg. Or could one of my newest editions already lay an egg so young? One of the Brown and black mixed mutts are the possible culprits.



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