Young pullets are roaming with cockerel


Apr 22, 2020
I have cockerel 8mo old and his 3 ladies
And 2 pullets ( Chocklate and brownie ) ( 4 mo ) Chocolate is bigger than brownie
Today I saw Chocolate raoming with him and he is calling her and giving her treats

She got her voice change a month ago
Now she honks
She has sometime red face whereas brownie still chirps and has pinkish face
( Her mother started laying at 6 )
So its too early for her to roam with him

Cockerel has been very gentle with them
He hasnt pecked or tried to mate them
She is only half of the hens and I dont want injuries

Is it normal or I am overthinking ?
Thanks in advance
He was the only chick thats why I hand raised him after his mom left him
His mom is game bantam and father was lf RIR 😄😄😄😄😄
He is an exact copy of his father like little smaller version

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