Young roo with severely bent neck this a.m. - urgent


9 Years
Jul 3, 2010
Quitman, Texas
7 mo old ameraucana bantam roo was normal @ bedtime last night. This a.m. his neck is prominently arched with his beak to his breast and appears to be in serious discomfort. I cannot hear any stridor or wheezing. Wings are drooped and he has difficulty moving about, I think b/c he cannot see well due to the positioning of his head. Before bed last night I gave some BOSS to all the birds, but they have had it before. He isn't tiny andI wouldn't have suspected he would have any difficulty swallowing them. His appetite was good yesterday and he showed no signs of illness. He is in a wire cage with his little pullet, up off the ground. In the adjoining cage I noticed that a young d'uccle roo has a little pus in his eye (not there yesterday) and the skin around the eye is reddened more than normal and has taken an oblong look rather than round. Every other bird on the farm is fine this morning. Obviously the americauana is my priority, but thanks for any help with diagnosing and treating either bird.
I have no advice for you but am wondering how your chickens are doing this evening. Hope there has been some improvement and that someone will be along soon with some suggestions for you.
Poly-Vi -Sol without iron STAT. He may have bigger concerns than just wry neck, but it's better to cover all your bases.

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