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  1. lisa douglas

    lisa douglas Out Of The Brooder

    hi i have a question
    I bought 18 hens and 2 roosters at 4 weeks old
    as yet i am unable to tell which are which
    yesterday i saw 2 of the "roosters" having a stand down match with their neck plumage all ruffled up. i assume those 2 are the roosters then?
    i have never seen any of the others do anything like these 2 who were very obviously displaying to eachother
    right or wrong what do you think?
  2. Well if you go to this section and post a pic of the 2 suspected roosters, then you'll get more responses. That said, it IS possible that those 2 are roosters, but hens will do this for dominance in the pecking order

    Best of luck with them :D
  3. donrae

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    Jun 18, 2010
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    Yeah, a good picture and let us know how old the birds are now.
  4. lisa douglas

    lisa douglas Out Of The Brooder

    this is he ir she about 2 weeks ago.
    no comb or wattle yet but quite an upright posture and quite dominant
    sadly i lost him or her yesterday to a mongoose i think
    but i would still like to know what you think
  5. Can't tell from that pic, sorry

    Oh and hens can be quite dominant too, like you describe
  6. Mac14

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    Jul 21, 2012
    Northern California
    Ya that one does look to have a brighter comb and waddles, sorry for your loss. :(

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