Young Rooster Goes Off Alone (There Are Other Roos In The Flock)


7 Years
Aug 5, 2015
Jefferson, NC
Hi. I was wondering if this is normal w/ my young rooster. First, some background. We have only had hens for about 1 year. We had 3 total. This year we got 6 chicks from TSC and 5 ended up being roosters!
So that brings us up to a grand total of 5 hens and, well, obviously too many roosters! Thus far everyone gets along for the most part. They are 4 mos. old right now. We recently gave 1 rooster away and 2 are getting re-homed tomorrow. Great!!!! We are keeping 2 of the roosters (as long as there aren't any issues). They free range.

My question of the roos (who is the low man in the pecking order) tends to hang around w/ our 2 pullets. They've found their own little group which is cute. However, I noticed he also tends to be found off by himself sometimes. He will just go down to the barn where the coop area is and just hang around down there outside on the roosts crowing. If all the chickens are together he is definitely on the outside of the group and tends to stand off to the side. If I throw him food and the other chickens run after it towards him, he runs away.

I'm hoping when we get rid of the other two roosters he will find his place. Is it normal for him to being going off alone sometimes? I I get concerned that he's going to fall prey to a hawk or something being by himself. He's not sick. He's acting totally normal other than just wanting to be alone. Maybe he gets tired of being picked on. They don't pick on him all the time, he's just low man on the totem pole.

That's very normal when there are multiple roosters. My lowest out of my large breed rooster goes off by himself a lot, if hens come around he takes up with them until one of the more dominant roosters come around and he slips away again. It's a non confrontational way for a rooster to be when others are in the flock.

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