Young Rooster (Leghorn) sits all the time

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    Jul 10, 2011
    We are new chicken owners, and have a young flock (3 pullots and 1 rooster). We got them when they were just small chicks, and all of them are healthy. The problem is that our rooster sits constantly... to eat, poop, and even while the other chickens forage in the yard he still is happy to just sit. He is very clumsy, and comparatively, he is huge in size and very meaty. He seems almost overburdened by his own weight. [​IMG] He's been like this now for 2 months.

    The hens are Rhode Isalnds, so they may just be smaller due to breed, but he is freakishly large, in our eyes. As long as he has enough food, he seems happy, and he crows quite a bit...he's just not very active. Is this normal, or is there something to worry about? Should we withhold feeding a bit?? Thanks~
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    Quote:Welcome to BYC. Are you sure your rooster isnt a cornish cross? If so, he is a meat bird.

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