Your favorite duck breed?


7 Years
Apr 17, 2012
Far Northern California
So far I find myself quite sweet on my little Runners. I love my fatty Pekins and their sassy-tudes too though. We each (all 7 of us) sort of 'adopted' a duck that we got in our last batch. Mine is a WH named Maggie and today when I Iet them (all ducks) out of their coop- after foraging for a bit she laid beneath my shadow- as close as she could get (actually touching me) and I thought that was the sweetest thing I'd seen all day. So far the Runners have been the most curious and least afraid of me. Let you hold them without freaking or squawking. But having Maggie sit next to me had me silently squealing with excitement. The peas + patience is paying off! :)
So far I've only been around two breeds and our mixed baby. Out of what we have our baby is my favorite lol she's a Jumbo Pekin/Rouen mix. Before she was hatched my favorite ( and still my favorite of the older ducks) is Po our Pekin. Shifu the baby of course imprinted with me so she is all cuddly. Po on the other hand was with chicks right away so attatched herself to them. Po is my best buddy if I have peas though lol. The rest of the ducks are Mallards, DD has a boy/girl pair and DH has 5 of which we think he has 2 boys 3 girls. None of the mallards will come to us, if we have peas they'll come close enough to reach their neck out to get the pea but thats it.

I would LOVE to get some more breeds. Maybe a couple runners, rouens, cayugas, and silver appleyards. Of course I'm dreaming for now lol.
Calls and Scovies are my personal favorite at the moment. However, I do agree with Lollipop. Once you get geese it's a whole different ball game.
We want duck eggs so we sorta have to have the ducks for those. I've thought about Geese but we already have a few 'pleasure' pets (lizards and cats and a dog that cost money and they provide companionship so we are good there). The kind that you get because you love them and for no other reason. Ducks for us are a dual purpose. They are egg producers + pets. I do not think having geese would work for us. They aren't known as egg layers and I have read they would get pretty sassy and bossy with my ducks. So no geese for us. Unless we were to get 1 pair of females one day. I actually wouldn't mind a pair of turkeys though! Not sure what I would actually do with them but they are awesome to look at. I don't know how much they eat or how they would treat my that matters.
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lol Oh I want geese too lol and a turkey and some Guineas :)

I'm new to ducks, and have had one breed, the Muscovy.
I hope to buy a house where I can have more ducks and not care about noise etc. I love all ducks, but so far I'm biased and love my Muscovies

I also like Pekins. I pretty much want to try my hand at all types of duck breeds. And geese, turkey etc etc.

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