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  1. Be happy to attach pictures and stories about your chickens on this thread! I don't have any pictures of my chickens yet but I will soon! Here's my happy flock!

    Buttercup: Oldest chicken, buff Orpington
    Daddy: (Yes, it is a girl,) Black Sex Linked
    Peppermint: Bossiest bird, Red Star
    Ariel: The Broodiest, buff Orpington
    Flashwing: High Flyer, slim Ancona
    Misty: Prettiest Bird, silver-laced Wyandotte
    Elsa: Smallest Girl, orange colored Golden Sex Linked

    I WILL have pictures of them soon!

  2. Alexandra33

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    Your girls sound awesome! I've got 37 birds, so I can't exactly post pictures of them all at the same time. [​IMG] But here are a few for starters!
    Jaylin, Easter Egger
    Cookie, Sicilian Buttercup
    Alex, Golden Campine
    Mairead, Speckled Sussex
    Boo, Black Ameraucana
    Avalon, Silver Spangled Hamburg
    Enya, Welsummer/Barnevelder cross
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  3. Holy smokes! Those are some BEAUTIFUL BIRDS!!!!!!![​IMG][​IMG] Love the pics!
  4. Alexandra33

    Alexandra33 Overrun With Chickens

    Thanks so much, @WyandotteLove1 ! [​IMG]

  5. kinseyallen2020

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    Feb 24, 2016
    Those are very beautiful birds!
  6. Alexandra33

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    Thank you! They're my babies for sure. [​IMG]

  7. How do you tell the difference between all 37 of your birds? It's just like my friend!
  8. Alexandra33

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    Good question! [​IMG] Almost every one of our birds is a different breed or color variation, so it's pretty easy at this point. But, I must add that there are a few birds who appear kind of the same. We have 2 pairs of twin ducks who I can quickly tell apart even though they look just almost identical to others. Take my two Khaki Campbells, Kira and Amira, for instance:
    Or what about Ebony and Jade the Cayugas (excluding Indi the Blue Runner)? They both look so similar!
    Baby and Petra, our Barred Rocks, are pretty easy to tell apart, too! [​IMG]
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    Jan 18, 2008
    Awesome birds!! I'm still working on telling mine apart and feel bad that I can't lol finally named then today though. Had 3 named and the other 5 not named because they looked the same and I just couldn't think of one but I finally named them today haha

    The ones I had named already were the distinctive one, our only Barred Rock is May, short for Mayflower since well, Plymouth Rock, not very creative at all but it's the first to pop into my head lol my white (also black laced/pretty pattern) Easter Egger is Diva because she was taking a dust bath one time and flopped completely on her side (which a lot of them do for a moment) but then one by one everybody left and she stayed and wss like that forever until finally one came and pecked her then walked/ran right over her as if to say COOOMEEE OOOONNNN ALREADY!! And she got up LOL sooo... she was being a diva. Bunny the tan/orangey and laced (but not as much as Diva) EE was named a couple weeks ago and it just sort of stuck. I didn't want it because it wasn't original but I couldn't think of anything so I just started calling her it.

    Then the Buff Orpingtons I've been tossing around honey, sweetie, etc. For a while but didn't like them but today when I was sitting with them I randomly thought of 3 good names for birds and chose the bird to fit the name lol I was going to name one of the Australorps Angel but they are mean sometimes lmfao and then it didn't fit with a BO but I liked Amber and the first 2 I thought of today stayed. So the BOs are now Penny, Honey, and Amber. And yes I went back to the Honey name lol call me mean but Penny took a dust bath or got splashed with mud or sap or SOMETHING weeks ago and is still kind of dirty on her back (I was hoping it would come off) so I went with Penny for her since pennies are more of a copper/dirtyish color instead of buff buff and she's dirty atm [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] the other 2 have brown spots on their tails and I can tell them apart cause one has like 3 dots/lines on one tail feather and the other also has a brown feather but it's the whole feathrr and even a few feathers instead of dots on them. I'll get a picture.

    The Australorps I thought of Black Beauty but black is hardly a name so I thought of Blackie and they're hard to tell apart but one has a more "beautiful"/better formed tail and is Beauty :p although, I really don't like those names so I'm going to have to think of something better.

    I like all the other names though.
  10. Absolutely love the names! Mine aren't exactly 'original', because my five year old sis got in on the job. [​IMG] The ones that she named were Ariel, Daddy, and Elsa. (Of course!)[​IMG]

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