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Sep 4, 2019
Idaho -- currently roadschooling
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My Coop
For a bit of fun and a get-to-know-you, how do your days go with poultry? Mine work out something like this:

Around 7:30-9:00 am. Let chickens out. Do a head count. Melt water with ice (if the heat chip isn't set up already). Photograph chickens and nature. Feed pigeons. Sometimes give the chickens a small snack.

Around 1:00-3:00 pm. Give the chickens fermented feed (Fermenting Chicken Feed: A Straightforward Method). Head count. Chicken story time (yes, I do this!). Cuddle time. Collect eggs. Random chores.

After dark (around 6:30 pm.) Lock chickens in. Peep inside the coop to make sure all is well.

*I feed late in the day so the chickens can forage for their own food throughout the day. It's not cruel, they adjust. Besides, chickens like to stuff themselves before bed so they can keep themselves warm while their body digests the food.

I'm excited to hear what you do! :pop
My schedule is a little different with the shortened daylight this time of year:

Get up, let dogs out, check chicken feed and water.

Head to work

Dark around 4:30pm

Return home and check water, gather pullet eggs (no hen eggs right now), and make sure that everyone is situated well.
First thing in the morning (once regular inside morning things are done, brushing teeth, getting dressed, etc.) I go work my dog on drills and retrieving. When I get done with her, I go out every morning and check all of the chickens, feed them, and check water. I say good morning to them all, lol. I can't free range all day unsupervised here because the neighbors don't watch their dogs very well. Around noon I free range the bachelor flock until 3 or so. I don't watch the boys as close as I watch the girls because the boys kinda annoy me, and they can fend for themselves :lol: . I love my boys, but they drive me crazy sometimes. Then around 2:30/3:00 I check for eggs in the girls' coop. Then around 2:30/3:00 I put the guys away and let out the girls. I hang out outside while they free range so I can watch them. Then everyone gets put away and I check for eggs one last time. I do many head counts throughout the day, but the main one at dusk. Then repeat, lol. The girls get way more time outside on the weekends.

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