Your preference: Laying crumble or Laying pellets?


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I started my chickens on "Starter Crumble" in May 2010 and then switched over to laying crumble when they first started to lay. In June 2011 I switched over to laying pellets because I thought it would be more convenient to eat in terms of size. I've noticed quite alot of pellets scattered all over the sand on the run floor. I'm considering switching back to laying crumble.

For BYC'ers out there, which do you use? And for those that have used both, which do you prefer, and why???
I prefer crumbles, but mostly because I didn't know there was pellets until very recently (new to chickens). I stayed with crumble because that is what feed store gave me. I do not have big problems with loss of food on ground and spillage. I know some absolutely prefer mash or pellets to crumbles. The feed store people told me personal preference and whatever my birds WASTE less of is what I need. Since I have no problems, I am not switching to pellets or mash at this point. Hope that helps.
Both me and my girls prefer crumbles over pellets, but ultimately they love the laying mash I get from the local mill... they eat it much better and the eggs are fantastic!
I fed pellets for a good long while and preferred them. Then I ended up with all different ages to feed and switched over to a flockraiser type feed. I really like the simplicity of feeding everyone the same feed but the FR brand I use only comes in crumbles.
Mine definitely prefer the crumbles, so that's what I feed them.

I don't feed them from the floor (I have a hanging feeder), so there's no waste.

I gave mine crumbles until my hubby picked up pellets when I sent him for food one time. My birds prefer the pellets. Im trying to mix in the last of a bag of crumbles I got for the babies, but only the silkies will happily eat them now. Even the 2 month old babies go for pellets first now. So they get what they like best and I have no waste.

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