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7 Years
Jun 30, 2012
How do you keep it clean?
Do you pick up the poop everyday? Every week?
What is the material inside your run? Dirt? Gravel?
I have a poopy, frozen run right now. Please help?
I have river sand 4 inches deep. It drains quite well, so not wet. The chickens keep it turned over. I don't clean it.

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Mine is deep litter, mostly straw with some leaves and random bits of stuff, with dirt beneath. It has a plastic roof to keep off rain. I "stir" it occasionally (maybe once a week, sometimes less) to incorporate manure and fluff it up but never remove litter except to use some on the gardens or compost pile from time to time. I add a little bit of fresh straw or leaves occasionally on an as-needed basis. I add a bit of DE occasionally to control mites, lice, or moisture.
Thanks all. Giving me a lot of ideas to think about.
Going Quackers, I see you are in Canada, what do you do when the ground is frozen?

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