Zazu can't jump!

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    Oct 25, 2008
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    My girl Zazu is having a rough go of it. I treated the entire flock of 23 for cocci with amprol for a week then two weeks no eggs. Then attacked the round worms with Wazine last Tuesday and will treat again 10 days from that day. Well, Zazu has had a really hard molt and is looking like a porcupine right now. Oh, they also have scaly leg mites. [​IMG] the others seemed to be leaving her alone so I left her in with her peeps. This morning when I went out she had her beak in a corner and just stood still. it kind of scared me. I got her out of the corner and she seemed perky enough but I soon realized that a couple of the others were starting to pick on her. So I brought her in the house and situated her in the downstairs bathroom. I scrambled her an egg and put some jasmine rice in it and sprinkled with scratch. She was hiding in back of the toilet and I didn't think she was going to eat so I left her alone and a few minutes later, checked on her and her little beak was covered with food, which did my heart good! [​IMG] (when I brought her out to the coop tonight, her crop was very full so she got a lot to eat today!) I treated all with Ivomec on the back of the neck, totally cleaned out the coop (for the 2nd time in a week), sprayed with Oxine solution, let it dry, sprinkled poultry dust all around and put in four bales of new shavings and will dip the legs in oil with tea tree oil tomorrow, just didn't have the energy to do it tonight. whew! Decided to bring Zazu back to the coop since it was now starting to get dark. I waited in the coop for a few minutes and that's when I discovered she couldn't jump. She kept trying to jump up on the roost and couldn't do it. So I guess my question is, could she be in a weakened state due to the hard molt? [​IMG]

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