zebra finches, 1+1= how many????

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  1. Northie

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    Silly little birds....
    We bought our first pair of zebra finches at the beginning of the month. I hadn't really done that much research on the little ones because I figured I wanted a cockatiel. Well hubby wanted finches so we picked the brightest little zebra finch male an a female to go with him. I bought almost all the accessories the pet store would sell me and then went home and set everything up just perfect... Atleast according to the internet!
    One of my friends was over that day and noticed the nest. "Do you think they'll use it? Are they going to lay eggs in there?" I figured... "Well maybe eventually, that would be kinda neat but we JUST got them so probably not..." Then we noticed the male actively doing his manly little duty... "Oh, well I guess they like their new home?" They had there first egg the second day home, then another and then they quit. I figure "they won't sit on those eggs our house is too crazy." They waited a bit and she laid about 4 more!.. Oh and inspite of me telling everyone our house was too loud and crazy this little hen is committed and sitting faithfully on those tiny little eggs. We're going to let her hatch them out, DH really likes them and after looking at some conversions on the internet I keep thinking to myself how nice the China cabinet would look remade into a finch habitat... Not sure why we keep old dishes in there anyway... Oh and there's all the color variations too..

    So here we are diving into finch math... 1+1=??????

    I'm also laughing at myself because here I was eagerly awaiting my first egg, you know, from my new chickens and the first egg I get is this itty bitty tiny little finch egg... My sister has been teasing me about making barbie sized omlettes.
  2. lightchick

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    Apr 3, 2014
    Cool! I had a Zebra finch once.
  3. burny

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    Jul 17, 2014
    Cool I used to have two but they flew away! It was quite annoying because i had to get more , then i just gave up no, more finches for me!
  4. Northie

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    They ended up hatching 3 of the eggs and the babies are out of the nest, but they're still begging to be fed. Boy are they ever demanding little ones! Ha and I though my kids kept me busy!!!

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