Zebra finches, breeding, fertile eggs, etc.

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    I got 6 zebra finches off of Craigslist and one off of a local yard sale site. They were in a small'ish cage so I bought a very large one. One of the "zebra finches" was actually a green singer who was gorgeous, but very territorial and would barely let any of the other birds roost or do much of anything. I ended up rehoming him. 4 of the 6 that I got were babies from mama and daddy.

    Okay, that brings us to this...the girls are laying eggs, but only one baby hatched out and it...disappeared, I guess, is the best that I can say. I really have no idea what happened to it. Now none of the other eggs are hatching. I am wondering if perhaps the green singer was the daddy of the fertile eggs from before. Is that possible? ALSO, would green singer + zebra = mule babies that were infertile and that's why the current eggs are not growing fertile?

    So many questions! Sorry!

    Also, does anyone reside in Western NC and have any finches to sell? I would love to get a couple more. I am down to 5. We found one dead on the cage floor before we rehomed the green singer. The one that died was my favorite. :-(

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