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Feb 21, 2007
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Is anyone else trying to find Zhu Zhu Pets?? It is darn near impossible! I have been looking for the play sets for over a month and everywhere is sold out. Makes me so mad that people will buy them all up and sell them for 3X as much on EBay. Amazon.com is just as bad! These hamsters are 8$ at walmart and a 3 pack on Amazon is over 100$!!!

This is very maddening!
I was lucky enough to find 4 at Walmart, of course I snatched them up, they were the last ones there.

A few months back, I saw them at ToysRUs and pointed them out to my daughter, she loved them. I told her to put them on her birthday list. No kidding a week later they were all over tv! I went back and they were all gone! Haven't had them in since! If I had known that they would be like this, I would have bought it all then, but I had no idea! Now I am kicking myself!
I found many on Ebay for anywhere between 19 to 40 dollars. But they are going to be sold out in minutes. I had to look it up to find out what it is and its sooooooo cute!
they sell them in the UK as Go Go Hamsters

I know Play.com sell them, don't know about toysrus.co.uk or amazon.co.uk but it may be worth you looking to see how much they charge to send internationally.

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