1st August 2009
First of PINCH PUNCH FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH! Gotcha! Anywho, today I went to my first EVER poultry auction! I intended to bid for about 11 or 12 eggs, but ended up with 41 eggs, yes 41! 7 are in my incubator, 21 under a hen and the other 13 are under another hen belonging to a friend of mine, the quails will then return, not as eggs but as yound quail! Also today, 6 out of 7 eggs pipped, the other one has not yet, there is another but it is infertile, they are under a silkie hen, who will be a first-time mother! All the eggs should hopefully have hatched within the next couple of days! I have also begun work on a quail hut and run, on which I will update you of the progress and when the newbies go in for the first time!!! That be all

Photos when updated!!!!​