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    The Sussex is a dual purpose breed. It has high egg production and in the early 1900s was a prized table bird. They produce about 240-260 eggs a year. Chicks develop quickly for heavy breed. They were developed over a century ago in Sussex, England. I find my sussexs are a fantastic addition to my flock. Over time they have bred to give my flock some some varierty. They make excellent mothers, can withstand hot and cold temperatures and will tend to go broody once a year and can sit on upto 14 eggs and still have good hatch rates. The males aren't as aggressive as other breeds and the breed itself are ideal for beginners. They are friendly, have a great temperment and produce lots of eggs and make great mothers. What else would one want? In North America they are a threatened species, but are gaining popularity.





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    A broody light sussex, before she went through moult. After moult they are a brilliant white and black colour.​

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  1. ivyy
    my light sussex rossie is only 13 weeks old but already has so much personality she is bigger that my two pekin bantums ,but that dosnt stop her from treating them like her mum.i often find her inbetween them or with her head under the wing of the 5 month old far i have found her to be very keen to explore and dosnt mind my 4 year old giving her hugs and carrying her around.

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