Ok. About me.
I'm a girl and I love chickens and all kinds of animals (with a few exceptions), and I love BYC.

I have an Australian Shepherd named Riley, 3 cats (Mittens, Rascal, aka The Beast, and Clyde), a Jersey/Dexter cow named Fancy and her heifer Hazel.

I have 9 chickens:
Penelope - Easter Egger
Violet - Barred Rock
Sweet Pea - Black Australorp
Opal - Black Australorp
Hilda - Black Australorp
Olive - Partridge Rock
Meggie - Partridge Rock
Ivy - Partridge Rock
Kiwi - Partridge Rock

And 4 guinea hens:
Buttons - White
Helen - Buff Dundotte
Gretel - Chocolate
Cricket - Lavender

I'd love to have some...
Silver Penciled Rocks
Partridge Silkies
Golden Laced, Buff Laced, and White Crested Blue Polish
Barred Hollands
White Laced Red Cornish
Black Frizzled Cochins
Mottled Cochin Bantams
Blue (English) and Splash Orpingtons
Buff Brahmas
Appenzeller Spitzhauben
Belgian d'Uccles
Quail Antwerp Bantams
Silver Sebrights
Golden Spangled Hamburgs
Black Tailed White Japanese
Russian Orloff
Pied Spalding Peafowl
Royal Palm Turkeys
... and I want an emu.

I keep adding to my list...

I play guitar. My favorite types of music to play are Christian/Inspirational, and I love fingerpicking (like Travis Picking, freestyle, etc.). I'd love to be able to play like Andy McKee someday, and would like to learn classical/flamenco as well, like Paco De Lucia... I enjoy listening to pop and contemporary Christian music. Love The Icarus Account! And the Trans-Siberian Orchestra is pretty darn cool. The Piano Guys knock 'em all down in their own awesomeness, followed closely by 2Cellos (Sulic & Hauser) and David Garrett.

Chemistry and biology are totally amazing! They were my favorite classes in high school. Grammar and spelling are things I am very precise about, and if I see someone spell something wrong or include improper grammar/punctuation I get annoyed, but try to be nice about it... Unless I'm related to them and then I point it out mercilessly. x]

I've got a blog which I neglect horribly, a YouTube account which I treat the same way, a hobby photography page on Facebook which I take care of a little more often than the others, and a Pinterest page which I kind of abuse by overuse.

I think that's about it.....​

Ok. That's me. =)

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