BYC Index of Abbreviations & Acronyms

A list of abbreviations used and seen on BYC
By Lothiriel · Mar 30, 2012 · Updated Apr 2, 2017 · ·
  1. Lothiriel
    A list of abbreviations & acronyms commonly seen at BYC:

    ACV = Apple cider vinegar
    AG = American Game
    AGB = American Game Bantam
    AGF = American Game Fowl
    AMER = Ameraucana
    ANDY = Blue Andalusian
    APA = American Poultry Association
    AS = Appenzeller Spitzhauben
    ASOP = American Standard of Perfection
    B.O.B = Best of Breed (not the rap singer)
    B/L = Blue Laced
    B/L/R = Blue Laced Red
    B/S = Blue/Splash
    BA = Black Australorp/Blue Andalusian
    BB = Buff Brahma
    BBR = Black/Blue Brested Red
    BBS = Blue/Black/Splash breedings
    BBSO= Black/Blue/Splash Orpington
    BCM = Black Copper Marans
    BF = Boyfriend/Bantam Fowl
    BIL= Brother in Law
    BIN = Buy It Now
    BJG= Black Jersey Giant
    BJO = Blue Jubilee Orpington
    BL = Brown Leghorn
    BLK = Black
    BLRW = Blue Laced Red Wyandotte
    BLW = Buff Laced Wyandotte
    BM = Black Minorca
    BMF = Blue Mille Fleur
    BO = Buff Orpington
    BOSS = Black Oil Sunflower Seed
    BPR = Barred Plymouth Rock
    BPW = Brown Porcelain Wyandotte
    BQ = Breeder quality
    BR = Barred/Blue/Black Rock
    BR = Blue Red/Brown Red
    BRC = Black Rose Comb
    BRO = Brown Red Orpington
    BS = Black Star (hybrid named by hatcheries, bird is a Black Sex Link)
    BS = Brown/Buff Sussex
    BSDW = Blue Silver Duckwing
    BSW = Blue Silver Wyandotte
    BSL = Black Sex Link
    BTB = Black Tailed Buff
    BTW = By the Way

    BTW = Black Tailed White
    BW = Blue Wheaten

    BU = Buff
    BV = Best of Variety
    BYC = Back Yard Chickens (The website)
    CBOF = Cantankerous Bag of Feathers
    CC= Cushion Comb
    CL = Cream Legbar
    CL= Craig's List
    CM = Cuckoo Marans
    CMO = Chocolate Mottled Orpington
    CO = Chocolate/Cuckoo Orpington
    CPR = Columbian Plymouth Rock
    CPW = Chcolate Partridge Wyandotte
    CQ = Cinnamon Queen
    CR = Columbian Rock
    CS = Coronation Sussex
    CSLW = Chocolate Silver Laced Wyandotte
    CRD = Chronic Respiratory Disease
    CW = Columbian Wyandotte
    CX = Cornish Cross
    DB = Dark Brahma
    DB = Dear Brother
    DC = Dark Cornish
    DC = Dear Children
    DD = Dear Daughter, Dear Dad
    DE = Diatomaceous Earth
    DF = Dear Father
    DH = Dear (most times) Husband
    DM = Dear Mom
    DL = Down Low
    DLM = Deep litter method
    DM = Dear Mother, Dear Mom

    DW = Dear Wife
    DP = Dual Purpose
    DS = Dear Son
    DSD = Dear Step Daughter
    DSF = Dear Step Father
    DSM = Dear Step Mother
    DSS = Dear Step Son
    DW = Dear Wife
    EE = Easter Egger
    EE = Easter Eggers
    EO= English Orpington
    EO = Euskal Oilia
    ETA = Edited to add
    FAV = Faverolles
    FBCM = French Black Copper Marans
    FF = Fermented Feed
    FIL = Father in Law
    FL = Feather Legged
    FOC = Free of Charge
    FS = For sale
    FTGH = Free to Good Home
    FWIW = For What It’s Worth
    FYI = For your information
    GC = Golden Campine
    GCM = Golden Cuckoo Marans
    GF = Girl Friend
    GB = Golden Birchen
    GC = Golden Comet
    GDW = Golden Duck Wing
    GL = Golden Laced
    GLBW = Gold Laced Blue Wyandotte
    GLC = Gold Laced Cochin
    GLO= Golden Laced Orpington
    GLW = Golden Laced Wyandotte
    GMO = Genetically Modified Organism
    GP = Great Pyrenees (a breed of dog bred to guard livestock)
    GPH = Gold Penciled Hamburg
    GS = Gold Star
    GSL = Gold Sex Link
    H = Heritage Breed ie=HRIR (Heritage Road Island Red)
    HB = Heavy Breed
    HQ Hatchery Quality
    IB = Infectious Bronchitis
    IB = Iowa Blue
    IIRC = If I Remember Correctly
    ILT = Infectious Laryngotracheitis
    IME = In My Experience
    IMHO = In my honest/humble opinion
    IMO = In my opinion
    ISA = ISA Browns
    JB = Japanese Bantam
    JG = Jersey Giant
    JO = Jubilee Orpington
    LB = Light Brahma
    LF = Large Fowl
    LFS = Local Feed Store
    LG = Little Giant Incubator
    LGD = Livestock Guardian Dog
    LOL = Laugh Out Loud
    LS = Light Sussex
    MFD = Mille Fleur D'Uccle
    MH = Mottled Houdan
    MIL = Mother in Law
    MO = Mottled Orpington
    MPC = My Pet Chicken
    NCD = Newcastle Disease
    NH = New Hampshire
    NHR = New Hampshire Red
    NVM/NM = Nermind
    NN = Naked Neck Turken
    NSQ = Non Show Quality
    ODB = Old Dutch Bantam
    OE = Olive Egger
    OEG = Old English Game (usually standards)
    OEGB = Old English Game bantam
    OP = Original poster
    OS = Older sister
    OT = Old Timer
    P = Partridge
    PA = Paint
    PC= Pea Comb
    PM = Private Message
    POL = Point Of Lay
    POR = Porcelain
    POW = Pic of the Week
    PPM = Platinum Poultry Membership
    PPR = Partridge Plymouth Rock
    PQ = Pet Quality
    PR = Pair
    PR = Production Red
    PS = Post Script
    PW = Partridge Wyandotte
    RB = Reserve Breed
    RC = Rose Comb
    RIR = Rhode Island Red
    RIW = Rhode Island White
    RO = Russian Orloff
    Roo = Rooster
    RS = Red Star (hybrid named by hatcheries, bird is a Red Sex Link)
    RSL = Red Sex Link
    RV = Reserve Variety
    SB = Sicillian Buttercup
    SC = Single Comb
    SF = Salmon Faverolles
    SFC = Swedish Flower Chicken
    SFH = Swedish Flower Hen
    SIL = Sister in Law
    SL = Silver Laced/ Silver Leghorn
    SLW = Silver Laced Wyandotte
    SMH = Shake My Head
    SO = Significant Other
    SOP = Standard of Perfection (in relation to judging birds against the particular breeds standard of what a perfect representation of the breed would be.)
    SP? = Spelling Right?
    SPPR = Silver Pencilled Partridge Rock
    SQ = Show Quality
    SS = Speckled Sussex
    SSH = Silver Spangled Hamburg
    SSS = Shoot, Shovel, and Shut up!
    SW = Splash Wyandotte
    TLDR = Too long, didn't read
    TSC = Tractor Supply Co
    TY = Thank You
    UP-ACV = Unpasturized Apple Cider Vinegar
    W = White
    WB = Welcome Back
    WCBP = White Crested Black Polish
    WCP = White Crested Polish
    WF = Water Fowl
    WFBS = White Faced Black Spanish
    WL = White leghorn
    WO = White Orpington
    WR = White Rock
    WTB = Want To Buy
    WTH = What the heck
    WWYD = What would you do
    X-BATT = Rescued Battery Hen
    YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary

    Forum thread for ideas, suggestions, additions, etc.
    Click here for a Glossary of Definitions of Common Terms for Raising Backyard Chickens

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  1. birdlover2
    This is a helpful list which I will not look through all the way now, but I will book-mark it!
  2. redsoxs
    Very helpful - thank you!!!
  3. sunflour
    I never knew about this list, thanks for taking the time to compile the list.
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    Thank you Ren2014 for giving me this link!
  5. FlyWheel
    You forgot BFF - Best Friends Forever (or perhaps in our case Best Fowl Forever?)
  6. sniper338
    This is rediculous. Lazy. Spell things out so everyone doesnt have to guess. I hate abriviations. Jm2c
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    you forgot OH = Other Half (as in a spouse)
    WTSHTF when the stuff hits the fan
    EOTWAWKI - end of the world as we know it
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    Need to add DP = Dual Purpose... I had a big brain fart and had to look all over to figure out what people meant with DP rooster, DP chicks etc.... lol
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    Hi Folks,
    The compendium of terms and abbreviations does not provide a translation for NYD nor chook. Who is in charge of editing the list? In quring minds would like to know.
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    Remember way back when people weren't too lazy to simply type out an actual word? Yea, me neither. ;)
  11. City farm
    We have seen CX. We finally asked the abbreviation.. Cornish cross..
  12. Lothiriel
    Thanks for all the input folks! I'm adding these now. :)
    @CashandTracy , LF always means Large Fowl. So as in LF Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, it means the bird is large fowl (or standard, as some call it), and not a bantam.
    @Greasydog26 , I'd have to agree with @animalsRawesome that SFH means Swedish Flower Hen. That's what I'll put it in as, so if it ends up meaning something else somebody let me know! ;)
  13. bantambury
    add Japanese Bantam: JB or Jap
  14. CashandTracy
    Thank you sooooo much!!!
    One question, What is LF as in LF Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, or LF Partridge Wyandotte???
  15. Nutcase
    Good job Lothiriel, this will help a lot of new members! :)
  16. what's kickin' chicken
  17. lawatt
    others to add: EO (euskal oilia, aka basques), CL or CCL (cream legbar or crested cream legbar), and OE (olive egger)
  18. bayocum
    And maybe FBCM, French Black Copper Marans
  19. chick-n-pigs
  20. ocap
    what is "GMO" ?
  21. gunshyvw
    Might wanna add BOSS - Black Oil Sunflower Seed... mystified me until it was explained in a thread. :)
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    Yay! Finally found this list!!!! Oh, one I've seen a lot is NVM, nevermind
  23. animalsRawesome
    I think SFH stands for Sweedish Flower Hen (Breed of Chicken) But don't quote me on that one ;)
  24. Greasydog26
  25. TurtlePowerTrav
    Lothiriel, perhaps you could add to the list ETA (Edited To Add)
  26. animalsRawesome
    Lady Ressler- "BIN" means Buy It Now (rather than bidding on it like in an auction)
  27. Lothiriel
    Wow... I never check my pages for comments... Sorry folks! But yes, NanaArizona is correct. POW stands for Picture of the Week.
    Lady Ressler, I don't frequent the BST section so I'm really not sure what BIN stands for. Sorry I can't help with that!
    mamabear66, I've no idea what ICQ is for, but the Jabber section is a place where you can put a little blurb, whatever you want. The My Coop space is where you can link to your coop page.
  28. Lady Ressler
    What does ""BIN" mean in the for sale/trade section?
  29. NanaArizona
    I think it means "Picture Of the Week"~since no one answered the question, I did some research. :)
  30. chick-n-pigs
    Like you, I am still guessing. Perhaps Pride of Workmanship? Hopefully some moderator or other person will help us noobs
  31. Brookliner
    What is the answer to "What does POW mean???"
  32. animalsRawesome
    Wow! Thanks so much for making this up for all of us to use! Very helpful!
  33. chick-n-pigs
    I am with Nana, what does POW mean?
  34. earlybird10842
    Thanks! the only ones I caught onto were BYC, RIR, and BR, and I was very puzzled about DD,DW,DH,DS,ect.
  35. NanaArizona
    What does "POW" mean on this website???
  36. RenFox
    Very nice, thank you :)
  37. Mamabear66
    what is ICQ on my editing while I'm asking, what is "MY coop" and "jabber" used for :-D thank you for your list, I'm sure I will refer back often.
  38. MrsSerfesME
    Thank you for this list! I am totally with you Marty, I never know what the abbreviations mean on any forum and find myself having to read halfway through something before I know who or what someone is talking about.
  39. Peeps4me
    Great list. Sure is a help to newbies like myself. Now I can check the list instead of just wondering or guessing. Thanks!
  40. Marty1876
    Wow, nice list Lotheriel. I've often wondered but seldom dared ask what the letter mean, since everyone seems to know but me! Thanks a bunch.
  41. littlecreekfarm
  42. Lothiriel
    Glad it's a help to you both! Remember... If you have any suggestions/additions tell us on the thread! :)
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    I usually just guessed what breeds people were talking about...back then... Thanks so much Loth!!
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