Amazing BYC Members

There are so many great BYC members, that I would like to share a few with you and what they do for this community!

This member is a huge part of BYC. Not only does Wyandottes7 greet almost every new member but they also give them great advice and make them feel at home. They are often found either in the New Member Introductions or What Breed Or Gender is This?. This member is such a help and a great part of BYC they have been given the BYC Friend badge! Now I just want to say thank you to Wyandottes7 for helping this community of poultry loving people!

TwoCrows is one of the first members I really wanted know. When I first met her she was a just another amazing member but now she is a Moderator. She has helped so many people that you can't even count them!! She has been a part of this community for 4 years and has the BYC Spirit, the Greeter, and the BYC Friend badge. Thank You TwoCrows for all your help!

BantamFan4Life is a just one of the amazing people on our website. He is always trying to give advice and have fun with people! He has been a part of this community for almost 3 years and has the 2 highest posts overall in this community!! The photos he takes and shares of his flock are gorgeous. Thanks BantamFan4Life!

Michael OShay
You will often meet in the New Member Introductions where he gives all the newbies a kind greeting and helpful advice. He has welcomed so many people that he has earned the greeter badge.
Thank you Michael OShay.

Kelsie2290 has been another great friend of BYC (that's why she got the badge
) She helps and welcomes many people but she is always checking out other forums. She is always visiting What is this chicken thinking? thread. She is just great! Thanks Kelsie2290!

This member is one of our oldest, I mean very well seasoned members
. Not only that but she has the most posts on the site ever! You probably wonder how she got all those posts. Well, it's because she has been helping people out for about 8 years! That's a lot of help. This member has helped so much that they have the BYC Educator, BYC Spirit, and the BYC Friend badge!(and the 8 year badge
) Thank you speckledhen for all your help!

Is just another one of our great moderators, and is such a fun person on BYC. She is always helping out or just chatting and being friendly! Sumi has almost been a part of BYC for 4 years (it will be 4 in the summer) and has never quit being a true BYC Spirit, Educator, Friend, and Greeter! Thank You Sumi!

Mountain Peeps
Is the 2nd member I really got to know. The only way to describe her is fun, loving, and smart! She is always listening to people and being there for them, be it chickens to family! She is just a fun and wholesome person you can't help but like her. She truly deserves the BYC Friend badge she earned shortly after joining. Thanks Mountain Peeps!

Is one of my favorite people to talk to and share things on BYC. She is very educated on the topic of all different types of poultry. She is always spending time greeting and helping the new members and she writes marvelous and very informative articles. She has many beautiful birds and raises and breeds different breeds. Thank You mymilliefleur!

Miss Lydia
Is educated and helpful when it comes to ducks and geese. She has a wonderful flock of chickens and ducks. She is very kind and wise
. She has been part of this community for 5 years and has the BYC Friend and BYC Spirit badge. She is the 3rd top poster ever! Thank You Miss Lydia!

Last but not least Nifty-Chicken is the amazing owner of BYC. He is also one of our wonderful administrators! He also has the BYC Spirit badge
. Thank You Nifty-Chicken for doing all you do for this site! It has helped so many people and hopefully lots more!

I haven't even scratched the surface of all the amazing BYC members. There are 100 even 1000 more! Hopefully I can share some more soon! I hope ya'll get a chance to get know all of these awesome BYC members!
Chicken Girl1

Here are some of the articles these members have written!
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Miss Lydia
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Here is the 2nd one: Amazing BYC Members 2

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Awwww! What wonderful words have been written here! I am so honored to be on here. All the members listed are wonderful people that make BYC a more enjoyable place. Of course BYC would never be the same without the hundreds of other, amazing members that help us each and every day.
Thank you for including me as part of this group. I am blessed to be part of such a great group of poultry lovers. All animals actually.

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