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Here's a list of great treats for your favorite chicken (as well as some to avoid).
Buff Orpington's are one of the favorite breeds of BackYard chicken owners. They are beautiful with a nice personality and winter hardiness.
Many of a start with just a few chickens and then quickly learn that we want to add more to the flock. Here's how to do that properly and safely
COOP and RUN for BUFF ORPINGTON HENSFOUR Revised 6/16/11 Our coop used to be housing for a large outdoor generator on an island, then was moved to the mainland and abandoned. My DH renovated it to the hilt, thinking that we could always use it as a garden shed if I changed my mind about chickens. It was in pretty bad shape, so we tore off almost everything and re-built it. Progress: My dear husband replaced all the rotted wood and roofing. The windows are covered on the inside with...
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