Autumn Farm English Orpingtons

[ATTACH] Autumn Farm English Orpingtons, USA and United Kingdom
By kidcody · Feb 26, 2016 · ·
  1. kidcody
    Chocolates&spangles 01-26-14 063.JPG Spangle hen 02-21-15 047.JPG

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  1. kidcody
    Autumn Farm English Orpingtons is among to breed and import the English Orpingtons and set a perfect example what a English Orrington show should look like, many thanks to Bob Follows the creator of these fabulous chickens. Bob set the stand very bar to all of us to look up to! So many thanks to you Bob for all chicken, your hard work will go on for many ,many, many generations to creative such a lovely variety of beautiful chickens and duck!
  2. kidcody
    This is Cooper (above photo) he is the first Pure English Spangle/Mottle Orpington in the United States. He is the foundation father for all of the Spangle/Mottle Orpingtons we see today, the lower photo is of his beautiful daughter, she is a Pure English Spangle Orpington. On our farm we will continue to breed the true Pure English Spangle Orpington, this is a practice that is used across Europe, they do not consider the Spangle/Mottle Orpington only the Pure Spangle Orpingtons (with much less white in the coloring) this is considered much more beautiful in appearance, but with a considerable amount of less white.
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