[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]Our Bantam Moderns[/FONT]​
We were lucky enough to meet a great person who was awesome enough to let us become people who are owned by Bantam Moderns. We currently have 2 Roosters, Peanut and Enchilada, and 4 Hens, Duck, Muriel, Kiwi, and Anita. Everyone except Anita is a Brown Breasted Red Modern. Anita is a Birchen. They are certainly the most talkative, and inquisitive birds we have had. I have enjoyed having them inside, just dont tell my husband....They are currently housed in 36 x36 stacked rabbit cages INSIDE the house...yes....they are in my house. And they get to come out and chase the cats for a while too! My boys are so good with them, but we dont have diapers, so they have to stay on the hardwood floor now, and the boys volunteer to do Poo Patrol....This is temporary until we are satisfied with their setup outside......For some reason, these chickens are different!!
Having a snack when we got home from the Poultry Show in Redding!
Making herself at home - Muriel is never at a loss for words!
And I said stay off of the furniture, but do they listen?????
Peanut and Anita the day we brought them home, they just got out of the carriers and were having a treat - they insist on getting IN the dishes!
Enjoying the outdoors! Its very windy today, Enchilada is a bit ruffly, but not like this!