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We have Blue and Black English style Orps. We started with 4 chicks we got from a local breeder here who got her stock from Julie / Bamachicken here on BYC. These birds were hatched in late August 2010 and we ended up with one black rooster, 2 black hens and 1 blue hen. We have since added a trio of blue's to our flock that we hatched out in the summer of 2011. So now we have a total of 2 black hens, 3 blue hens and one blue cockerel and one black cock. We plan to pen the blue cockerel with his mom later this winter in an effor to hatch some splash.

Photos from December 2011:
This photo shows our original flock of four at the bottom, with one of our younger blue pullets above:

This photo shows two of our younger blue trio that we hatched out in the summer of 2011:

My daughter one Champion Cock and Best in Show at the Evergreen State Fair 4-H Show in August 2011:

JUNE 2011:
This photo of Baxter taken at the end of June 2011:

And some blue and black chicks hatched out at the end of June from Baxter and Penelope:

A close up with a gorgeous blue fluffy butt behind!

Here's Penelope our blue pullet:

Our black orpington pullets Parvati and Piper: