The nesting pair of Bald Eagles (at the cabin) often perch on the dead white pine at the point of my point. It's a great view (I presume .... I haven't climbed the tree). Their principal food is fish, so they watch the lake for hours. I watch them for hours. Sorry my little Nikon Coolpix 4300 can't get closer.
If they don't take the fish to the nest for the young ones, they often eat 'em in the tree. I've found many fish spines and lower jaws on the ground under the tree. In the spring of '10 there was a spine and half a hip bone of a mammal the size of a chihuahua laying right next to Eric's front door. Yes, this is the same dead pine that the Elf, Eric Virkehantverk lives in. I've talked to him about keeping his little area around the tree clean, but it seems he has no pride in that sort of thing.