Here's the Reason I'm Cabin Crazy One

Here's the cabin interior. The first photo is taken from a few steps inside of the front door. Panning clockwise shows the wood heater and a bit of the bedroom loft above. Then we turn some more to see the bar, behind which is the kitchen under the loft. The right photo is the kitchen, taken from the kitchen table area. The 1936 Magic Chef works like a charm. I have quite a few chicken S&P sets and chicken spice racks mostly from the 1930s through the '50s.

Several years ago I built a second shed about 50 yards behind the cabin ... so I usually call it the back shed. I tried to give it a tudor look. It took me two summers to get the curved roof right. The cupola on top is a bat house, but after six or seven years they haven't taken up residency. It's funny how they didn't hesitate to move into a tiny hole they found in the cabin gable. I think it might be too hot in the belfry. I fashioned a likeness of Gandolf the Wizard on the front door.

At the water's edge in the front of my point there is a large, dead, white pine. An Elf moved into it last summer. His Name is Eric Virkehantverk (he tells me it's Swedish for "wood crafts"). He likes to watch TV at night.