I've seen many great chicken coops here at BYC. Folks take great pride in their chickens and their chicken "equipment", whether they built it themselves, put together a kit, or hired the whole thing done. Part of that pride is represented in a sign proudly hung in just the right place. That sign is the name plate ... the title of your unique creation.

Not everyone can make a sign exactly like the one they see in their imagination. The one that will be the perfect "icing on the cake". That's why I'm offering to get out the hand tools and lend you a hand.

May I make a coop sign for you? PMessage or email me with a description of your vision. I'll answer with a sketch ... we'll communicate until we come up with the perfect sign for your poultry palace.
Oh, and I'm not out to get rich off your sign. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the low price ... or you'll fire me.

Signbd1.gif SignBd2.gif SignBd3.gif

I have many vintage boards, if that works for the style sign you want ... or any type of new knotty, grained or clear wood.
SignTrkrTrt.gif SignWitch.gif SignDuke.gif
I can frame the sign board, shape it, roof it ... any style of fine or rustic, new or vintage look.