The Blue Laced Red Wyandotte
The blue laced red wyandotte is a newer breed that everyone wants! I have a few blue laced red wyandottes myself, they are very docile, beautiful, and soo funny! BLRW comes in 3 different varieties, blue, black, and splash.
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Hatching Eggs and Chicks from this flock will be for sale in March 2012, we will begin our waiting list in January 2012 :)
Here are my Blue Laced Red Wyandotte chicks, Jo-Jo, Speckie, and Lacey at 4 days old.

Lacey my 5 week old BLRW R.I.P

My splash BLRW Pullet

My blue laced red cockerel

My flock of 14 week old blue laced red wyandottes

Look at those gorgeous feathers!

My 17 week old blue cockerel

17 week old pullet(blue laced red wyandotte breed)

My 2 blue laced red wyandotte cockerels at 17 weeks

This is Lola my 17 week old blue laced red wyandotte pullet

17 week old BLRW pullet named Cutie

And last but not least, my handsome splash blue laced red wyandotte cockerel(17 weeks old)

Blue laced red wyandotte pullet and cockerel

Beautiful Splash Cockerel 4 months

gorgeous BLRW cockerel 5months old....he just started crowing this morning!!!

A close up of the same cockerel

Some of my breeding flock of BLRW-I will be selling hatching eggs and chicks from this flock Spring 2012
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Hatching Eggs and Chicks from this flock will be for sale in March, please pre-order in January :)
There's more pictures to come!