Burbfarms Chicken Coop Tractor

Good idea by using 2x2s. I’m sure that reduced the weight by a lot.
It was easy to follow what you did on the run, but it took me a bit of work to figure out the coop build. Some simple drawings would make it a lot clearer.
This is easy to follow and the end result looks great.
This is a great idea for those who want cheaper and efficient housing for their small layer flock! The coop page makes copying this idea all the more easier! Great Stuff!
I like that you provided a list of supplies, however, I don't know how/where they all were used. Most of them I can figure out, but some I don't have any idea. Great pictures.

I like that you gave the number of chickens you planned to house and that you gave a " what you would change" summary.

A sketch or blueprint would be helpful.
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