Dark Dozens - The Chicken Tractor


Building the coop
The chicken tractor is approximately 7 by 7 feet. The coop section is approximately 3 x 4 feet.
I used standard and pressure treated lumber to frame the tractor.
The coop section is made from T1-11 and exterior grade plywood.
Asphalt shingles and drip edge were used for the roof of the dormer and the nesting box.
Half inch hardware cloth, poultry fencing, and 2" x 3" galvanized fencing was used to enclose the run.
10 inch knobby tire wheels were used mobility.
A 12" x 12" shed window was added for lighting.
Venting is provided by a ridge vent.
Something I still need to do:
I need to add a larger access door to the run.
Something I would do differently:
I don't know how, but I would definitely make it lighter.


Framed chicken tracter with standard 2 x 4's.
Used T1-11 to make roof of coop.


Floor of coop was made from standard 2 x 4's and scrap plywood.



Replaced boards around the bottom with pressured treated lumber.
Added 10 inch knobby tires and a dormer for
access to the coop section.


Added a nesting box and access door
made from scrap T1-11 and plywood.


Shingled dormer with asphalt shingles.
Painted T1-11 roof black to match shingles.


Tractor was placed onto a raised flower bed.
Wheels were removed for painting. Pop door was added.
Run was enclosed with half inch hardware cloth,
poultry fencing, and galvanized 2" x 3" fencing.


Wheels were put back on and treads were added to chickens' ramp.


Chickens were added.


12" x 12" shed window was added.

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