Black Mottled Created by BlueMottie
Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

I love cochins. Simple as that. Their temperament, their colors, everything. That's my opinion on them. My experience is the past four years working with mottleds in particular, but have had various types of poultry, including other varieties in the cochins for well over seven years. The black mottled variety is accepted into the APA or ABA. When bred black mottled to blue mottled or vice versa, a percentage of the chicks will be black, and a percentage will be blue.




Description / Information


280 d​

This is my one black mottled pullet who is turning out pretty nicely. She has a nice, even mottling throughout most of her body, doesn't have any stray colored feathers or all white feathers, has good eye, shank, and beak coloring as well.​


500 d​

This is the cock bird that is currently being used in my breeding program. He is the father of the black pullet as well, and as you can see, he doesn't have very much mottling on this upper body at all. But that worked out fine, as the mother of th​


500 d​

Another photo of jimmers so you can appreciate his lack of mottling.​


8 day​

This is an eight day old black mottled cochin chick. My hunch is that it's a cockerel, but who knows.​