Who says Cornish rocks are only good for meat?
They are WRONG!
My 6 cornish rocks are now almost 6 months old and doing good. No health issues as of yet.
One of the cornish rock hens recently started laying eggs but we did not know it was her until this morning. She lays big fat heavy double yolked eggs. I had read some where on back-yard-chickens about how another person said their cornish rocks laid big double yolked eggs as well so I kind of expected it and am so glad it is true because I love double yolked eggs.
1 yolk is always larger then the other. The shell is a light brown to tan color. The egg is good sized, heavy and kind of pointy at the top.
She only recently started laying but as of right now she lays an average of 2 eggs a week. I know that isnt a good amount compared to the daily eggs I get from my isa browns but it is still something at least.
She has herself a nice little private nest she choose on her own. She is a friendly hen and Im so glad she is giving me her big fat heavy double yolked eggs.