The cornish rocks are now 11 weeks old and doing good. They did not get real fat until week 8 when they grew real fast. That is also about the time I began cutting fresh grass and weeds daily to put in the chicken pen. It appears to make all the chickens grow fast not just the cornish rocks.
The only bad thing I see at this point with the health of the cornish rocks is a few of them make snorting sounds when they are laying down. Oh and they cant seem to clean their bellies and butts off very well due to their fatness so they get poop stuck all over their belly and butt feathers. I keep an eye out for pasty butt and have given them baths before.
It looked as if one of the cornish rock males at the age of 10 weeks was trying to mate with one of the adult isa browns. I wouldnt think that was normal for a chick of that age? They dont even crow yet.
My Amercaunas, black autralorp, barred rock, isa browns, rhoad island red,light brehama, white rocks, buff orr's and begium quail chicken are all doing good.
Had a dark speckled susex but it squeezed out of the chicken pen fencing along with 2 ameracanas and the dog got them. They were about 3 and 5 weeks old.