April 12, 2009.

We havent had chickens since 2004 when a wild animal got them. For years we had chickens roaming free which was nice for the wallet because we only needed to buy feed in the winter time.
But due to the wild animals and our cats and dogs it is sinceless for us to have free range chickens again when they will just get killed off. Although I do realize the advantages of free ranging chickens. They eat a lot of ticks especially geeny chickens (spell).
Anyways, for 3 years now I have been asking my husband to put up a fence. I am talent challanged and cant even figure out how to build a thing without duct tape so there was no way little ol me could put up a strong chiken fence.
Finally after 3 years the chicken fence gets put up yesturday! I helped but he did most everything.
Wish I could find some adult chickens that are already laying eggs. But I will have to start out with babies and wait around until probably next year for the eggs.

We will not be murdering our chickens. They will be for pets and their eggs. I had one chicken live to be about 15 years old. They can actually life a while if they are treated right and dont get butchered. Yeah I eat chicken from the store but I just cant eat my own pets. I cat eat something I have raised and taken care of, it just seems so canniblistic to do so. And it seems cruel since they learn to trust me as the one who feeds and takes care of them.I just cant betray their trust like that.
So, if I get my way we will have a few baby chics this week from the store in town that is currently selling them. We will keep them in the kids room in a big bird cage until they are big enough to go outside in the chicken cage. The kids and I cant wait.