Chestnut Ridge Farm's Flock Page


Black Copper Marans- Currently
pen 1-Main flock- Jeane/Presley-25 Hens/pullets and 5 roos in the breeding pen,
pen 2-separate pen of outside Jeane/Grisham- 3 hens, 2 roos,
pen 3- outside Greenfire (Davis) line- 7 hens,
pen 4- outside Jeane/Presley show line- 6 pullets and 5 cockerels- soon to be picked through. will probably end of with 3 pullets and 1 or 2 cockerels. these are 3 months old.

Blue Marans- Davis/Valentine originally. I have been breeding them for the last 4 years. 10 hens 2 roos, several younger in grow out pens. This pen has produced show winners with a current showing pullet of SEVERAL shows that went 2nd at Nationals and a Blue Birchen cockerel that was first in his group at Nationals and both continue to show.

Splash Marans- Davis/Valentine originally. I have been breeding them for the last 4 years. This pen has produced a pair exported to the Phillipines (Manilla). 16 Hens and 6 roos along with several youngsters in grow out pens.

Birchen Marans (Black and Blue)- 8 Hens and 3 roos. Several in grow out pens. Greenfire (Davis) line.

Isabella Marans- project pen 5 pullets and 4 hens in the works along with 2 roos

Cuckoo Marans- young birds starting out or hatching. more eggs in the bator.

Wheaten Marans- eggs to come plus I have one pair

Blue Copper Marans- my own line- 5 hens 2 roos. Also a pair of Greenfire.


Coronation Sussex

Original flock of Greenfire. Now have 10 hens/pullets with one in grow out pen and one roo.
2nd pen of Greenfire/Presley line- 2 pullets/2 cockerels

Silver Sussex
Original Flock of Greenfire. 8 hens, 1roo and 3 cockerels of breeding age along with 6 pullets at POL and a trio at 4 1/2months and 3 pullets less than 3 months old.
Now as of 12/9/12 (sold a pair)
5 laying pullets, 2 roos same age,
one adult roo, 8 hens,
2- 4 month cockerels and pullet with a few more in the brooder/grow out pens

Speckled Sussex- non hatchery
one @ 3 weeks and several in the bators


Lavender- Original flock- pure HinkJC, 6 hens and 4 roos. Only 2 roos in with hens. Plus 4 pullets 5 months old and a few more in the grow out pens.
ALSO a trio of out of a (75%) Ramsley rooster and 50% English hens 4-6 weeks old

White Orpingtons eggs to come soon
Chocolate Orps- eggs to come in spring
BBS Orps- eggs to come in spring
Black English Orps- eggs to come in spring or sooner.

Swedish Flower Hens

currently 4 pullets and a cockerel 6-8 weeks old.

Cream Legbars

Currently 2 pullets, 1 crested, 1 regular and 3 cockerels 6-8 weeks. Hatching more
another pullet just hatched 12/7 and more in the bator!
Norwegian Jaerhons

currently 2 pullets
another pullet 12/7 and Many more in the bators

Jubilee Orpingtons

pair 3 and 4 weeks and 2 week olds as of 12/6
Will take pics as they grow. The older pair LOOKS to be a male and female. Time will tell. All chicks are from
The Fancy Chick!!!
Hopefully more to come.

Double Laced Blue Barnevelders

12/6 6 one week old chicks that are (one of these is a splash).
originally from Blue Hen Hatchery Barnevelders bred to a pure Johan van Achterberg's imported Dutch
Barnevelder line from Doug Austin.

Will take pics as these grow! they are from The Fancy Chick!!!


Porcelain- Catdance Silkie line- pair
Blue Silkies- Catdance line- currently laying and hatching eggs. Flock to increase!


Silver Laced Brahma- Dan Powell- 3 cockerels and 2 pullets 5 1/2 months

Gold Laced Brahma- Dan Powell- 1 pullet at point of lay, 3 @ 5 1/2 months and 2 cockerels

Buff Laced Brahma- Dan Powell- 2 pullets @ 5 1/2 months and 2 cockerels ( 1 @ 5 1/2months and the other 1 yr).