You love your chickens right? Dont you have lots of pictures of them? You know you do! And I know you have lots of pictures of your family and other pets too. And you LOVE those pictures!
What if you could make those pictures come to life! What if you could make your favorite picture of Henrietta into something that makes it look like she's looking BACK at you!

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Make pictures come to life!YOUR

Sports photos!
And much more!

Send us your favorite photo and we will hand make it into a 3-D piece of art work you can actually touch! And even add captions if you wish for no charge!

Here is an example:(PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, due to how these pictures are constructed, it is extremely difficult to photograph one that accurately shows the 3-D designs. This photo had dramatic lighting to cast shadows to better show its depth. This particular photo stands close to 3/4" off of the background at its highest point.)

More demos coming soon!

To make your photo a 3-D masterpiece, just copy the form below, print it out, and send it along with your photo and payment to:
P.O. Box 1412
Lady Lake, Fl

Email your photo to:
[email protected]
PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to email your photo, please type only your full name in the subject line and mail this printed form with the payment to above address.

Prices are as follows:
NOTE: Prices are for the 3-D are not charged based on the size of your orgininal photo.
SizePriceShippingTotal Price
If you would like, insurance can be added to shipping for $2

The option of a shadow box [frame] may be coming soon!
Your finished product will include matting!
~Please read all the info thoroughly in the form below
& fill out all 8 steps~

3-D Photo Form
Copy and print this section
(Please fill out a separate sheet for each photo)
1. Name (First, Last, MI): ____________________________, ____
Mailing address: ___________________________
City: ______________________
State: ____________________
Zip: ______________________
Phone Number:
Email address: ______________________________________________________
~ ~ ~ ~
2. Size of 3-D photo you want (circle one):
4”x6”-$20 5”x7”-$25 8”x10”-$30
*Any other size must be requested by phone/email and it will be priced accordingly
~ ~ ~ ~
3. Caption (Optional, no charge…no more than 1 sentence each):
Heading (will be placed slightly above subject in picture):________________________________________________
Subheading (will be placed slightly below subject in picture):_______________________________________________
~ ~ ~ ~
4. Please indicate if you emailed your picture or included it with this form:
Emailed Included with form
~ ~ ~ ~
5. Give a short description of your photo:
~ ~ ~ ~
6. Please mail this form along with your photo and payment to:
P.O. Box 1412
Lady Lake, Fl
*Or email your picture to:
[email protected]
~ ~ ~ ~
Please note: We will do our best, but there is no guarantee that your original photo will be returned. We are not responsible for any damage that may occur to your original photo should you choose to send it via parcel.

Please include check/cash and an additional $5 for shipping/handling.
7. Add insurance to shipping for $2? Yes No
~ ~ ~ ~
8. Your total (price, shipping, & insurance if added) comes to & your check/cash are a payment of: $_____________________
~ ~ ~ ~
*If you choose to email your photo, please type only your full name in the subject line and mail this form with the payment to above address.
~ ~ ~ ~
*Price includes matting only.*
Make checks out to Alexa DeCarlo

NOTE: Please make sure that your professional photographs do not have a Copyright! If it does, we will be unable to use it!

Any questions? Feel free to email at
[email protected]
call me at !352-396-2081

Thanks for looking!